Netflix Party with Video Call

JustParty is a Chrome Extension which allows you to watch Netflix with friends while video chat at the same time. The Netflix video is synchronized for everyone. It's like Netflix Party + Video Call. JustParty supports video chat via Google Meet.

Install and pin JustParty

Click "Add to Chrome" button on this page to go to Chrome Web Store. Click "Add to Chrome" button on Chrome Web Store to install JustParty. Click the extensions icon next to the address bar to pin JustParty.

Start Netflix party

First start a video on Netflix. Then click the JustParty icon (the blue J) next to the address bar. Then click "Start a party" button to get the Netflix party started via Google Meet.

Share party link

When the party starts, you will see a Netflix window and a Google Meet window. There will also be a popup window to copy party link. Click "Copy party link" button on that popup window to copy link to the clipboard. Then share that link with friends.

Join Netflix party

To join the party click on the party URL. A Netflix window and a Google Meet window will be opened. And you will join the party automatically. The video will be synced and you can video chat with each other. All participants need a Netflix account and they all need to install the JustParty extension first.


Click the picture-on-picture button in the menu bar of the chat window. You will get a floating window for video chat, on top of the Netflix window. And the original chat window will be hidden.